Editor: Chris Hunt
June 1988 to July 1990
June 1992 to November 1993


The original launch editor of Hip-Hop Connection, Chris Hunt had two stints at the helm of this leading rap title, taking in 36 monthly issues and one special edition. During his first Editorship in the late 1980s, sales peaked at 60,000 copies and the magazine quite rightly held the reputation, both here and abroad, for being the world’s leading publication in its field. The incredible success of the magazine was in part due to the strength of the hip-hop trend on which it was based, and in part due to the accuracy with which the magazine was aimed at this large and uncatered-for marketplace. The magazine showcased the work of many exciting young rap writers and the stunning photography of Normski.


Leaving the magazine in July 1993 to launch teenage lifestyle title Rage, Chris Hunt returned to Hip-Hop Connection just two years later and saved the struggling title from closure. Re-launching it as HHC in October 1992 with a major redesign and rethink of the concept, he doubled sales in 15 months before leaving the magazine in the safe hands of his deputy Andy Cowan, who remains its editor to this day. The magazine remains safe in its position as the world's longest-running rap magazine.